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Ophthalmology - Refractive Outcomes Analysis Software

Refractive Outcomes Analysis Software

Improve Refractive Outcomes for Optimized Surgical Results

Dr. Perry S. Binder's Refractive Outcomes Analysis Software makes it easy to quickly track all of your refractive outcomes and procedures, and offers so much more than any other software of its kind!

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Refractive Outcomes Analysis Software, developed especially for ophthalmology practice management is refractive surgery outcomes analysis software for medical office management systems, including LASIK outcomes analysis, patient referral letters, ophthalmic management systems, refractive eye surgery outcomes, ophthalmology tracking software, referral tracking software, medical analysis, eye surgery outcomes analysis.

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Refractive Outcomes Analysis Software Version 5.0

Ophthalmology Practice Management Software

The Refractive Outcomes Software supports each eye surgeon in delivering predictable outcome results, including refractive, LASIK, PRK, acuity, nomogram, Phakic IOL, cataract surgery outcomes, and more - all based on individual surgeon data from past procedures.

The Refractive Outcomes Analysis Software Verison 5.0 can handle up to 38 eye surgeons.

This latest version runs on FileMakerPro v7.0. It's improved user interface makes data entry an elementary task. We've added 20 additional charts, including a radar plot of induced astigmatism. The new regression analysis offers a means to automatically and continually study and improve visual and refractive outcomes. Wavefront analysis Preop, Intraop, and Postop analysis and charting are just a small fraction of what's new in Refractive Outcomes Analysis Software Version 5.0.

What's Unique about Refractive Outcomes Analysis Software?

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This program is the only ophthalmology outcomes management software in the world that automatically performs an analysis of wavefront guided laser surgery. Most importantly, it can study and analyze ANY surgical procedure that changes the refractive error of the eye (LASIK, PRK, Phakic IOLs, cataract procedures, multifocal IOLs, CK, Intacts).

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